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SGU Newsletter

daily dose of news from Destiny

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Stargate Universe Newsletter
Your daily dose of everything Universe straight from Destiny
Contact Us: sgu.news@gmail.com

What We Offer.
This, as you have guessed so far, is a daily newsletter for the series of Stargate Universe. The moderators of the journal are the only ones who have the ability to post, resulting in membership to be closed. Simply watch the community for the daily updates of the fandom by adding it to your friends list by clicking here.

Like all newsletters on Livejournal we offer the same deal as they do. However, because we are very new in creation our format of how we delivery the newsletter daily might change in the future. For now, however, we update our newsletter with the following:

- News/Updates
- New Communities
- Challenges
- Fan Fiction Listings (Gen, Het, Slash, Fem slash)
- Icons
- Fanart
- Fanvids/Fanmixs
- Screencaps
- Multimedia
- And Other

How You Can Help.
Gathering a large amount of information daily is hard work and sometimes not all of us have the same connections others might have. One way you could help us here at sgu_newsletter is send us links to different fan fiction, media, and other things so we may add them to the list of that days (or the next days) newsletter. We are a new fandom, just born, and we are small right now. Anything you can do to help us here as well as the fandom at large will be a great help. After all, we are apart of the Stargate fandom which has span over fifteen years plus.

Submissions by e-mail should include the following information:
- description (Fanfic, Fanart, Meta, Screencaps...)
- link directly to the post in question
- name of author
- any information you want us to include in the link concerning category, rating or pairing
- spoiler warning in case needed (if fanfic already has a spoiler warning in the header this is not necessary)

Please send the above format to sgu.news@gmail.com. If you would like to help out by joining the team of moderators feel free to send us an e-mail.

Please also take into consideration when you don't see your posted item in the next newsletter coming out, that those who compile the newsletter and those who collect a majority of the links are living in different time zones (as well as in different countries) which might result in links only appearing a day or two later than they were originally posted.

Our spoiler policy can be found here. If you have any questions or concerns about the newsletter feel free to contact at sgu.news@gmail.com or simply reply to out F.A.Q post here.